West Coast HP Surf Camp Winner

West Coast HP Surf Camp Winner

10 April 2022 - What a month of Holiday Surf Clinics and High Performance Surf Camps. What a privilege to be with the future surfers of SA.

2 big HP Surf Camps happened over the holidays with over 16 Western Province surfers getting involved and improving their surfing.

End of the camps the surfers and coaches had a end of week video analysis to vote the best performer for each category.

Please see below and we can't wait to work with each on of you in the future!

Best Air: Simon Winter

Best Barrel: Levi Kolnick

Best Turn: Ryan Schoon

Best Combo: Noah Kauhn

Best Tailslide: Bennie Esterhuyse

Best flow & courage: Tom Lowe

Best Snap: Max Van Stolk


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