Day Tours

Day Tours

Come join Cape Town’s number 1 Surf School & Tour operator with the most qualified & experienced surf instructors.

Daily lessons & tours take place for all ages, young and old!

A CTS instructor will pick you up from an allocated area in Cape Town and take you to the most suitable surf spot that suits your needs! (over 45 surf sports in Cape Town) 
Motivated by fun and with the best wave knowledge and expertise, our top S.A instructors (ISA Level 2, SSA Level 2) will have you surfing the best surf spot on the day..
Surf lessons are include, with water safety, beach introduction and the ABC of surfing.
All equipment is supplied, (any size surfboard, wetsuit, leash) and you will leave a bonus goodie pack.
Entry fee to all packages must be paid up front or a deposit of 50% prior to the event. Terms and conditions apply to all packages.



  • Pick up & drop off – optional
  • Qualified surf instructor
  • All surf equipment
  • ABC of surfing
  • Beach introduction & water safety
  • Goodie Pack & light snacks

* Bring: costume; towel, sun block; warm clothes

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