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SMTH Shapes

SMTH Shapes Drive Thru

SMTH Shapes Drive Thru

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Jordy has always strived towards having shortboards that are fast and functional, especially for his size. So we designed the Drive-Thu for those reasons.  

We designed a file with an extremely low entry nose rocker that flows throughout the bottom and blends into a straighter tail curve, gradually flattening out in the tail as this is where all the pressure is applied that brings this model to life. 

The outline template adds width in the nose which showcases a straighter tail outline, and the combination of rail-curve with a subtle bottom rocker curve gives the board amazing speed and release.

The bottom contour consists of a deep single concave that runs into a pronounced double concave, giving us lift by causing less water resistance and enhanced speed in smaller waves.

The inverted diamond tail blends between a round pin and squash with the corners moved forward as this helps to maintain area yet shortening the rail-line with a subtle release point for control. The inverted diamond tail combined with our bottom curve and concave allows water to flow off without drag and you experience the feeling you’re riding a shorter board when laying it over onto the rail. This is because the tail simulates the rail being pushed forwards by 2″ because of the inverted diamond tail. This is very noticeable when engaging the tail as it allows for shorter arcs or hacks in the pocket at will with control. 

We softened and refined the rails up in the nose area for forgiving, and pulled a rolled down rail through the wide-point, that blends into a straighter down hard tuck-under edge flowing off the tail. This frees up the tail considerably, by adding bite and firm control through turns. 

This board can be ridden from small to larger surf and is all the fun with all the performance.

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