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SMTH Shapes

SMTH Shapes Ei8hty8

SMTH Shapes Ei8hty8

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The Ei8hty8 is a new model designed for “deep water” waves that Jordy has been working on over the past year on tour. Our design development was all about surfing this model on the North Shore, Margaret River, and at home in J.bay. Our main objective was to incorporate and marry a few files, by blending them all into one banger shape. The exciting thing about this model is that we tested it with Jordy on 34L and Mathew on 28L. This enabled us to incorporate Mathew’s dims scale and develop the boards for lighter weight surfers, supporting a bigger audience of free surfers both in the heavy and lighter weight performers.


In the factory, Jordy combined the best aspects of our best performance files and adjusted outlines, concave, and tuned the rails. Our main objective is to have a sensitive rail that will flow and drive through sections effortlessly without catching or bogging when pushing hard off the tail at speeds ensuring control at all times.

The bottom contour is a natural rocker line that has a low forgiving nose entry with a single concave running through the bottom deck into a pronounced double concave that’s situated between your feet. This configuration helps to push clean water through your fins, giving you more lift and control in choppy waves.

This model has a slightly narrower pulled in tail with a straighter longer tail rocker that allows for tight arks, hacks or precision carving turns. A performance shortboard that will definitely be part of your quiver!

Our Natural medium bottom curve offers a low to moderate entry rocker for quicker glide and speed.

The eighty8 has its wide point slightly forward of centre but with a high-performance outline.

We hide volume/litres along the centre and roll the top-deck towards the rail shoulder to engage the wave face. This adds all-around rail forgiveness but still keeping the rail responsive.

An even single concave runs through the center getting deeper into a double concave through the fins generating speed and liftThis will enhanced lift allows for quick maneuvers. 


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