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SMTH Shapes

SMTH Shapes Fat Monk

SMTH Shapes Fat Monk

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Our new Fat Monk has two models emerged into one. Jordy felt we needed a model that has performance features for every day surfing so we tweaked the outline to ride more like a regular board. This allows for more radical surfing and quicker snaps.  

The demand for this type of board has always been about ripping it up in the mid-size waves so this is where Jordy wanted to pay more attention on the Fat Monk, designing a board to suit all smaller surf conditions. 

This mid size board has great volume making it one of the easiest paddlers. Volume is always key when riding smaller waves so we distributed it wisely in the tail area allow for easy turning and control in mushy conditions.

The bottom contour has a single concave running into a deep double concave that starts from mid-way up and extends deeper through the tail area and runs off with a very pronounced Vee under your back foot making rail to rail transitions easier.  

The rocker is subtle and naturally flatter throughout the bottom giving us a continuous fast curve. The rails are rolled off the deck foiled down for speed and control which gives us hold and confidence in the pocket at high speeds.  

The natural low entry rocker and combined with it’s bottom contours will generate speed and flow through sections effortlessly.   

The wider out-line makes this board look very appealing to the eye yet it’s not bulky. This design will still hold in larger waves and gives versatility when used as a Thruster or quad.   Both fin setups will give us positive hold and drive off the tail giving you generous versatility and confidence to take your small wave surfing to the next level.

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