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SMTH Shapes

SMTH Shapes Goldfish

SMTH Shapes Goldfish

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The Goldfish is a classic old school copy of a keel fish that I had back in the day. With Jordys influences we changed outlines, bottom curves and introduced a spiral concave hull with a modern twist.

Where most fish’s from the 80s were loose and rather twitchy with not much control, we designed this board to perform and glide smoother through sections whether surfing beach, reef or point breaks.

We suggest 4″ to 6″ shorter than your regular board, and Quad fin setup is key, which gives the Goldfish more drive with a looser control feel.

This fun performance all round classic retro fish design will be a great addition to any ones quiver.

The wide nose outline gives us more paddle power and from mid-way, towards the tail the parallel rail template straightens which gives us positive drive and speed once you’re up and planning.

The deep fishtail which provides an anchor whilst drawing tight arcs in the pocket. It even allows for vertical hits on open wave faces as you sink the tail and pivot off the swallow it activates like a pintail point as it sinks.

The bottom contour consists of a modern single concave with a spiral deep double concave running between the fins that channels the water through without sticking to the bottom giving us better release off the tail.

The rails are rolled and tapered down off the deck for bite and hold. The rails have been softened and tucked giving forgiveness which provides that extra bit of freedom when drawing your line on a mid-face wave at high speeds. 

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