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SMTH Shapes Twin Trailer

SMTH Shapes Twin Trailer

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Twin Trailer a modern surfboard that’s stood the test of time! I shaped MR twins in 1980 at Shaun Tomson’s factory as they started to emerge onto the surf scene.

Jordy wanted to have a fun performance twin that would accommodate smaller wave conditions. So we played with our modern fish outlines and designed a flatter longer curve throughout the bottom. We started working on the bottom curve by lowering the entry rocker and combined with our tested single to double concave bottom blending into with a slight Vee behind the back fins. The outline is very similar to our “old school” twins but tweaked it to perform better.

With a wider nose, we didn’t drop the rocker too much keeping the tail rocker flatter for speed and less drag in those gutless weak waves. We stuck with Jordy’s progressive rail using soft tuck-under up in the nose area and used a “beak nose” to add volume under the chest area. Unlike most Twins, we did not pinch the rails in the tail – we wanted more skate and glide through turns to maintain speed in gutless conditions.

We want you to experience speed, flow, and maneuverability with control in mind.
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